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Darius lets out a warm, pleasant sort of sigh when his slave moves to start the bath. How she stands above the rest, all the defiant little slaves that turn to him burning with hatred of the deeds they’ve committed to land themselves here. She had only ever turned to him holding such fire when she was not truly herself. He had admired how she conquered the demon, how she won the battle. But even before she had become a person who sought to capture his attention. He knew it when they first crossed paths, that they would meet again and again and again.

Silently he gets up, moving to his office downstairs to arrange work he will tend to once she falls asleep. He can hear the water begin to pour, the vampire soon moving to return to her. Darius places a gentle kiss to her almost bare shoulder, fingertips skimming her warm skin, his voice gentle, “undress me, my dear.”

The chill of his lips pressed delicately along her skin only ignites her heat more, a war of temperatures raging on. Like magnetism, Roslyn’s skin increases in heat where ever his cool digits trailed. When their temperatures mixed and they were without disturbance deep within his home, Roslyn found herself at her calmest. A smile tugged its way onto her countenance as she listened to his mellow voice. “Yes sir.”

Slender digits found themselves flatted upon his chest, skimming along the fabric of his clothes before she began to pop the buttons of his shirt one by one. Lower and lower she traveled, fingers doing their job while she leaned in to place a kiss to his neck. Within a minute his shirt was unbound, her warm fingers tracing his bare chest before she tugged the fabric away and then sunk to her knees. Forward she pressed again, her lips making contact with the skin above his pants as she removed them with ease.

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"This is true." She couldn’t help but smile at her words. There were few people who shared Danielle’s humor like Roslyn did. While she missed having her in the cell next to her, she was glad that at least one of them was out and in a safe place. Well, safer than the Chateau that was. At Roslyn’s question she averted her gaze with a sigh. "Same old story really." One shoulder rose upwards as if she was unbothered by the events that had led her back to her old cell, but they both knew better. "Vivienne decided she didn’t want me anymore. And really, with Pierce back in the picture I didn’t stand much of a chance."image 

A low breath resembling the formation of “ahhh” was expelled when Dani explained the situation. The words produced something not often found in Roslyn, anger. How could someone, anyone give up Danielle as if she was useless? It was wrong and plain idiotic. Truthfully it was every slave’s fear, the fear that their master would give them up for another and Roslyn felt that fear ten told at points. “Pierce… yes I remember him. Well they’re fools, the lot of them, just fools for ever giving you up.”


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Danielle imagined that this is what having a sister must feel like. That invisible string that tethered you to someone else, so that when you tugged on your end, you always knew that someone was on the other end of it. “I would hope so. Thank you Ros, but you don’t have to. I’m sure you have better things to do and surely your Master doesn’t want you down here so much.” Honestly she worried about Roslyn, especially since the rebellion. “Of course, you can count on it.”image

"Don’t have to? Of course I do, who else is gonna complain about this place with you?", she added with a bit of humor. They’d always joked about how the Chateau drastically needed to be redecorated, and it was true. At the mention of Darius, Roslyn wrinkled her nose a bit before shrugging. He probably wouldn’t mind seeing that he was busy most of the time so she was left to her own devices. Being too fearful of the city was a kill joy, so Ros was glad there was boldness within Dani, something she admired. "Good. Can I ask what happened though? How’d you end up back here?"

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Natalie Dormer - Esquire - November 2013

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The girl watches curiously before a small blade is produced. Wordlessly she takes the blunt instrument, a smile gracing her features for the first time that day. “Thanks Ros. I really appreciate it.”image

Love, what a curious thing… Roslyn had loved her parents and brothers, but never anyone other than them. But now it was different. Correction, it already had been different since she’d met Dani. It didn’t take long for Roslyn to love Dani at all and she would never regret it. “I love you too, Dani. I’ll stop by very, very often and if you ever bust otta here I’ll meet you at the old art shop, yeah?”

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You’re welcome. Oh me? Well, I wound up back in here. Seems to be the pattern lately.image

Momentairily Roslyn frowns before hatching a small plan within her demented mind. “Here, I’ve used it too many times to get the hell out of this place when the guards are off duty. Take it.” A small but useful knife is produced. The blade is retractable so it fits easily in ones pocket. It was a bit of a treasure to the girl but Dani needed it more. A gift.


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